Sustainable packaging. Getting better together.

We only have one planet and one important thing we all are more aware of, is to take better decisions that can make a positive impact to the place where we all live.


At Ethnic we are avid gardeners just as much as we are Sandals makers, with gardening we learnt to compost all kitchen scraps to create rich soil, this helps tremendously the planet.

Compostable materials

 Check out what small composting actions can create just in your backyard.


For some time, we have been looking for ways to be as impactful as possible with Ethnic and launching sustainable packaging is one of our best initiatives. From just an idea, we started researching all materials included in our packaging and making sure each one of them follow 2 rules:

Green Ideas from Ethnic Heritage

  1. They have to come from a sustainable source.

  2. Have to make an impact in the environment care.


Loaded with this in mind we started with our mailers they protect your purchase from weather, dust and dirty hands, but in almost all cases they are made of plastic, so how sending you plastic in a sustainable way when we are getting flooded with it?


The answer was simple an effective: REUSING IT

Recycling plastic in Ethnic Heritage

Recycled Ethnic Heritage mailers



Our mailers are made of previously used materials, like single-use plastic bags, bottles, and paper. These materials are processed at recycling facilities and put back into circulation, doubling or tripling their lifespan.

Even when it is made of not so good plastic, it is a sustainable option because it uses already existing materials, conserves natural resources, prevents pollution, and reduces the collection of new raw materials.

There is a lot of plastic trash out there polluting our world, if we re use it we are giving contamination the boot and guess what, you are leading it just by the fact of purchasing products from companies investing in the environment.



The next stop were our boxes, tapes, wrapping papers and stickers.


 I'm telling you something, when humans commit to a purpose, and it is aligned to the will of our mighty God, we are just unstoppable.  In Psalms 138:8 is written. 

The Lord will perfect that which concerns me;
Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever;
Do not forsake the works of Your hands.

Every action has a consequence, every good step leads to a better future. So in our journey for sustainability, all the packaging materials are something we needed to make 100% ecofriendly.


Here is a sneak pic of what materials I am talking about, from the boxes to anything else in our packaging.



I'm not going to lie; I think these boxes rock and I hope you'll use them to store your Sandals but the best part is the Sustainable part, from the box to the card to the wrapping paper, all of them meet the following:


  • FSC Certified, there is a forest stewardship council and the practices to use wood from trees to convert in paper products are certified to be sustainable.
  • Soy Based Inks: Yeap, we said goodbye to inks not and pigments not naturally occurring in the environment.
  • Water Based Inks: No Oils getting verted in water streams.
  • TÜV Certification: Dont look for hazards around here!
  • Acid Free

 Earth day with Ethnic

    We just have this planet, so we better continue to get better and better taking good care of it.


    One other amazing thing from our packaging is that every single time we get it, a Global Eco Alliance gets stronger and stronger. Our packaging plants trees can you believe that?  We are funding larger initiatives to plant trees around the world including here in the US.


    Check out the current projects here 


    Eco Alliance Badge


    We just got started and certainly not done yet. Our next target? The Leather in our Shoes

    Just by offering you an Artisan Handcrafted product, our Carbon footprint goes way down as we don't use machinery, gas and the amount of power is low to produce our shoes.  But you know something? We want MORE.  More for the planet, more for our children, more for the future and more for you and me.

    Carbon Footprint Ethnic


    Every shoe is a story made BY HAND, string by string we take pride in having a Handcrafted Sandal with a great look and a strong statement but there are more practices to be sustainable and we are in a journey to find them and implement them. 



    Next time, when you give us a chance to share with you one of our best sandals (which by the way are the very best in the US Market), know that even a small business like us can make bold moves into a sustainable way, our future depends on it and out families deserve it.


    Cleaner Way Ethnic Heritage

    Getting Better Together, that's the goal and we are hitting milestones together.   CLEANER, SMARTER and BETTER also coexist in a fashion product like our Huarache Sandals.  They don't only look nice but also the people behind them have an environmental conscience and you are in the same boat making waves with Ethnic Heritage.

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