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How it works:

Pay $240 upfront and get 4 pairs of your fav huaraches with free shipping included!  You’ll be getting up to $80 dollars in discounts! We also offer installment payments with no interest at all! Say goodbye to boring footwear! With four exciting styles to choose from, you’ll have something to suit your mood each season 😎 You’re getting a deal that won't make your wallet wince. Dollar signs will be 🤑 not 🙁 when you shop with us!

At checkout you'll find a text box, put in there your fav shoes and we will update your order with your very best selection.

Save a lot with this unique promotion, if you have tried our shoes before, you know how great this option is. 


This promotion does not apply for customers out of the US



Ethnic Heritage Entrepreneur, start up, business.
The Entrepreneur Spark by Ethnic Heritage

September 05, 2021

Empowering our community to start the entrepreneur quest, this blog help to kickstart that idea rounding your head and take action.

By reading these lines I'm sure you'll find motivation and support to bring to life the goal you have and achieve your dreams.

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