About Us



Hey everyone!

We want you to know us! We want to introduce ourselves, tell you about our story and a bit about what represents Ethnic Heritage for us and the brand itself.


First things first, we are Nancy and Cesar. Here's a pic of our family.


Some fun facts about us:⠀

  • Nancy is from Southern Mexico⠀
  • Cesar is from Central Mexico ⠀
  • We met in university/college and have been sweethearts since! ⠀
  • We've been married for 16 years! 
  • We lived together in Colombia for 5 years.
  • We have currently lived for 6 years in Katy, TX.
  • Our first son, Sebastian, was born in Mexico, our second, Diego, was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and our third Joaquín was born in Katy TX. 


A bit about our company

Ethnic Heritage was founded in 2017, as a small e-commerce in a room of our home. Full of dreams and projects. Our goal was to share part of the extensive and beautiful culture of our country with people in the US. ⠀

The road has been fun since then! We have even delivered the orders ourselves several times. I have worked from home with my three young children and they have grown up with the odor of the huaraches we package and sell. 

Today, Ethnic Heritage offers products from various artisans in our country and recently we have teamed up with young artisans and designers from Mexico to offer more modern and versatile products while preserving the artisan essence of our country. Their designs include  a delicate touch of tradition and pride that are integrated with the current trends of fashion to generate an extraordinary unique piece.

Our offer of clothing and accessories for women are primarily embroidered and woven by hand, these beautiful designs require dedication and precision to bring to you the tradition of our land so that you  look just spectacular.

Ethnic Heritage is all about Mexico and the bond with the United States. Our countries shared more than any other in the world and always will have a strong relationship. We found this company to celebrate friendship of our amazing Nations. As a couple born and raised in Mexico, we contribute here in the US with passion in what we do.  Our Company is all about this.

Thanks for your trust and for supporting this dream and the dream of our team of young artisans and designers in Mexico.⠀






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