The Entrepreneur Spark by Ethnic Heritage
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The Entrepreneur Spark by Ethnic Heritage

September 05, 2021

Well if you're reading this I think I know already a bit about you. Whether you already took some level of action or have been impatiently thinking about launching that idea floating in your head.  

If that is you, we have a place at the same table and that is to become a better, faster, leaner, greater, smarter Entrepreneur and push forward for the goals you have in life.


First, let me stop real quick and do a small intro. We are Nancy and Cesar, parents of 3 crazy boys and entrepreneurs of very unsuccessful ventures, but also we have started others that are giving us the amazing feeling of achieving stuff you are targeting and some of them are purely to find joy in our day to day, Nancy and I are obsessed gardeners and we will also have entries in the blog about it because who could not want to grow something in the backyard and capture that planet warming CO2 back to ground?

Made of stars entrepreneur startup, growing wealth and dreams

Back to something about us, we founded Ethnic Heritage just in 2017, an eCommerce looking to position as a recognized brand, we were and still are loaded with hopes but at the beginning, we had zero knowledge of how to get started. In addition to Ethnic, we started a beekeeping business, a real estate adventure to acquire or build small properties, we invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies, and in my case (Cesar) I still keep a day job to supercharge our purpose.

The fun and wise part of everything you start of an idea is the hustle, it is the hustle that puts the idea on paper, it's also the hustle that makes you research your products or services and find help, it is the hustle that makes you read and connect with what others did and especially how they did it, and it is that sweaty daily hustle what will make your business thrive.


We don't believe in magical formulas to get mad revenues in the short term because they don't seem to exist, for us is just the hand of that greater power above us telling us "Be strong and very courageous" " you may be successful wherever you go" Joshua 1:7. what has been more than enough to take action with high hopes and lots of dreams.

I hope these words have been enough to catch your attention to this blog, we are to share what has worked for us and what didn't. We plan to empower our community enough to take the action that you feel is right for you and the time in your life. Things like cryptocurrencies and eCommerce are and will take a privileged place in the world we live and we still are very early to grab a piece of it. So let's lose that fear to start taking action together and continue reading what this blog is all about!



Nancy & Cesar


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